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Karma Removal

a.k.a. 4 Level Core Belief Repatterning + Gene Replacement




You can heal your life with 4 Level Core Belief Repatterning.  Many of the core belief replacements that I use are inspired from writings and teachings of Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue and Louise L. Hay.  I frequently refer to the writings and teachings of  Louise L. Hay's book  "You Can Heal Your Life".

4-Level Core Belief Re-patterning- This is the re-patterning of old/negative beliefs and programs learned during childhood and passed on from generation to generation that keep us from achieving what we want in life. We are unaware of many of these beliefs and programs.  Through the re-patterning of the 4-level core belief system (core, genetic, history, and soul) we can conquer physical illnesses, lift depression and anger, clear abundance issues and open the door to more love in our lives. For those of you that live outside the Denver/Boulder/Colorado Springs area, I offer phone sessions for all 50 states and Canada.  For all other countries I offer sessions through SKYPE.

***Cristof's Scheduled Session Special.***

Karma Removal Special

Type of Session Regular rate Summer Rate You Save Actual Price
30 minute Karma Removal $3.49 per minute $2.69 per minute $24 per 30 minutes $80.70 per 30 minutes
One Hour Karma Removal $3.49 per minute $2.69 per minute $48 per hour $161.40 per hour
Unscheduled Psychic Hotline $3.49 per minute $3.49 per minute NONE $209.40 per hour
Happy Hour $2.88 per minute $2.88 per minute $11.40 per hour $149.40 per hour

I have new website that defines Karma Removal session modules on selected areas of life included in several session modules that cover nearly every aspect of life and spiritual advancement.


Please go to the new site for more information.


Karma Removal a.k.a. 4- Level Core Belief Repatterning


This technique is for individuals that feel stuck in one or several areas of their lives for what ever reason.  Karma removal is also for people that are on the fast track of spiritual evolution through DNA Activation.  It is always hard to use ordinary words to describe a spiritual healing procedure, which is why the resulting phrases can seem off-putting or unfriendly. Karma has become a familiar term that implies contracts or beliefs that we subconsciously carry so its Removal is fairly easy to understand. The process used to remove those beliefs is where the 4 Level Core Belief Repatterning comes into play but rather than teach you the process, let me explain what you can expect.

Using my DNA I+II methods, training in Crystology and Reiki training plus the powers of many Archangels and Ascended Masters, I become a conduit for extraordinary healing powers that start with a clearing of your old beliefs and a replacement with the energy of Self Love. You decide the area of your life that isn't working for you and together, we begin the work that quickly dissolves it and because this system doesn't require any touching, it's just as effective over the phone as it is in person.
In a little as 2-4 one hour long consultations you will see a dramatic increase in the quality of your life. Imagine dropping your addictions, choosing healthy relationships, and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude almost every day.  With my system of Repatterning, it's not only possible, it's very likely.


Examples of areas of life where blocks can be removed with this technique are blocks to healing, abundance, romantic relationships and blocks to your divine life’s purpose.


The main culprits for being stuck in life are our core beliefs.  Let's say that we are making positive life style changes and we are doing all the positive affirmations in the world but for some reason we still feel STUCK in life.  For example, lets say you are following all the teachings of the book "The Power of Intention" and the book and DVD of the "Secret" yet none of this intention, positive thinking and visualization seems to work.  The reasons for the lack of effectiveness for these techniques and these feelings of being blocked or stuck in life are negative core beliefs in your core belief system.  Strongly held negative core beliefs are also the source of many illnesses and discomforts in our lives.


The 4 Levels of Core Belief Systems

1. Core Level Beliefs:  These beliefs are the belief systems of your subconscious that are created from conception until the present moment.  So, if you or someone else consistently tells you that you are not good enough or ugly, it gets stored in your subconscious or core level of your belief system.


2.  Genetic Level Beliefs:  These beliefs are all the gifts and the "baggage" handed down to you from your genetic family for seven generations (or more in some cases).  The energy of these beliefs is actually held in the morphogenic field of your DNA.  These beliefs are so strongly held by some in your lineage that the beliefs get stored in the morphogenic field of their DNA.  Consequently, as a descendant of that person, you have inherited the beliefs of that ancestor as part of your belief system on the genetic level of your core belief system.


3.  History Level Beliefs:  This level includes oaths, vows, karmic contracts, trauma, lessons learned and so on.  This includes past lives you have actually lived in a human body as well as in a spiritual "body".  We may have witnessed and absorbed issues between lifetimes as we worked as guardian angels and spirit guides to others.  It is also on this level where we bring in soul fragments we may have left with others for various reasons.  So, in other words, in past lives or in this life time a client may have done wonderful things, horrible things or had horrible things done to them.  The individual as a spiritual being picks up and/or leaves soul fragments behind as a result.  With this technique these soul fragments are pulled, washed, cleansed, returned and/or replaced.  As a result the client is also healed on the past life level.  Finally, you do not need to believe in past lives or reincarnation for these techniques to be effective.


4.  Soul Level Beliefs:  This is the level where the real "you" resides.  This is the part of you that continues on after the human body dies.  Beliefs can even be stored on this level.   The beliefs held on this level can even be issues that God sent you down here to work on.  In a few cases, an issue may be so strongly held on one of the other levels that it has actually affected an individual's soul.  In either case, the energy of the old core belief system is removed and replaced with a positive core belief system and the client is healed on the soul level.

Examples of Defective Core Beliefs

I hate myself.

I hate men/women

I am worthless.

I am full of rage.

I have vows of poverty.

I am a victim.

Money is dirty.

I require everyone's first session to start with the topic of Self Love.  Why?  Lack of Self Love is one of the biggest blocks to happiness. Lack of Self Love blocks us from attracting ideal mates for healthy romantic relationships.  Lack of Self Love is the source of addictive and self-destructive behavior that clearly does not serve us. The lack of Self Love can block us on health, abundance and all other interpersonal relationships.  Finally, removing blocks to self love prepares you physically and spiritually by moving you up in vibration.  Your vibration will be raised with programs of worthiness and the giving, receiving and expression of LOVE.  I am not just talking about romantic love.  I am talking about all forms of love, especially GOD'S (mother/father/God Goddess) LOVE.  God's love makes everything better in your life when you are open to receiving his/her love.  With your new higher energy frequency you will be able to handle even bigger energy shifts that you will experience in other sessions.  If you should choose not to continue with this work, removing the blocks to your self love will prepare you to seek other forms of healing that are also for your best and highest good. 


Self-Love Testimonial

Hello Cristof, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the work that you do. Although I only had a 30 min. session with you but I feel such a difference already. It's an amazing feeling to love yourself. For the first time in my life I know what's it feels like to love myself and love myself enough to discern situations in my life that are not healthy for me.  What an empowering feeling that is!  I'm starting to make changes in my life that are better for me.  I feel more vibrant and inspired now more than I ever have.   I'm more determined to quit smoking now.   I've cut back smoking from nearly a pack a day to about 1-4 cigarettes a day.   Cristof, I'm definitely coming back to you for more sessions.

Deep Gratitude, Yen Nguyen-Phoenix, AZ



Attracting a Soul Mate Testimonials:

I had been working with Cristof for a few weeks working on self love, abundance and divine life purpose but then we worked on attracting a soul mate.  With in 2 weeks my deadbeat boyfriend moved out and I received a call from a guy that I have had incredible soul mate chemistry with for several years.  We had always been with seriously involved other people but for some reason we had become available at the exact same time in our lives.  We are together now and are truly happy.  This work is amazing.

Patricia Dallas-Denver, CO


I was a timid and shy person.  I was terrified of men.  I have worked with Cristof for several months to help me be less fearful.  We also worked on my blocks to my life purpose, relationships and abundance.  After completing my work with Cristof, I have successful healing practice, I feel safe and empowered at all times and I have met and married my soul mate.

Jill Dauber - Detroit, MI



How am I different from other practitioners?

Using my unique system of Karma Removal/Core Belief Repatterning, I become the conduit for the healing powers of many Archangels and Ascended Masters. During all sessions my guides put us in a pink bubble of unconditional love which is then filled with Reiki energy, Reiki symbols and the energy of crystals that you specifically need to aid in your healing.  The Reiki makes the whole process go much faster and smoother and adds additional physical and emotional healing to the process of Karma Removal/4 Level Core Belief Repatterning.  The healing energy of crystals adds even more healing and has a soothing effect on the client.  During your session you will experience Aura Clearing (the removal of all negative energy held in all layers of your aura), the cleansing and healing of all of your major and minor chakras, the removal of etheric cords, a balancing of your brain chemistry and the permanent removal of blocks to Self Love and all other areas of your life that you choose to have worked on.  I channel every energy (selected by our guides) that you need to make your session the best possible experience with the maximum healing benefits.  Also, the process of Aura Clearing, the cleansing of all of your energy systems and the balancing of your brain chemistry is a brief 1 to 5 minute part of all sessions.  Some practitioners will spend an entire session just clearing your aura.  Also, several practitioners do not have in-person sessions available.  Although this technique is just as effective over the phone as it is in person, many people prefer the personal touch of an in-person office visit.  I have a cozy office just for this purpose.  Finally, many practitioners start the timer for your session when you walk in the door.  My sessions allow for time between clients so we can discuss issues before and after your session.  Your timer for your session starts when we start the energy work for your session.

I will assist you in removing your blocks in your life. It's like taking a hot bath and soaking your tension away.



Genetic Replacement

Unhealthy genes like depression, bi-polar disorder, alcoholism and many more can be replaced with normal healthy genes.  Experience the joy and freedom of no longer being limited to the defective genetic blueprint handed down to us by our ancestors.  Many families carry unhealthy genes like depression, bi-polar disorder and alcoholism.  The gene for Genetic Depression can be replaced with a gene carrying joy.  The oppression of bi-polar disorder and alcoholism can be lifted by replacing the genes with healthy genes carrying normal healthy balanced brain chemistry.


Please consider that we are already considered to be perfect, whole and complete by God/source/Buddha/Jesus. However, if someone has what mankind considers to be a genetic flaw, it does not mean that we are not perfect in the eyes of God. So, if one wants to affirm that they are perfect genetically with the expectation that the affirmation will make them genetically perfect, it won't work according to their human standard because they already are perfect according to God. Before we are born, our spirits (true self) choose all sorts of scenarios including intricate specifics of DNA to provide ourselves with the challenges that we feel will lead to the areas of growth that we are seeking. Following that tangent of thought, some of as a spirit might choose a genetic illness to provide an opportunity to grow. That means that according to human terms we have chosen a genetic flaw. The gene is not flawed. It is perfect. It is doing exactly what is supposed to do, provide a physical, emotional and spiritual challenge to promote growth as a spiritual being.  Because we are now at a critical point in our planets evolution God/Source of All That Is/Buddha/Jesus has brought forth these new techniques to remove genetic and other challenges so that individuals can become the light workers they are meant to be much more quickly.


 Genetic Replacement & Reprogramming work can change what we thought was destiny.

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