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I am an Integrative Healing Practitioner that is experienced in the art and science of healing.  I am a person who is intuitive, educated, supportive, nonjudgmental and understanding.  I am a near death survivor back on Earth for very special reasons.  I am here to help you heal your body, mind and spirit.  While healing these areas of your life I am also here help you open your true divine life purpose.  This life purpose/mission is an agreement that you made with God before you were born.  This purpose is what you came down here to accomplish during this lifetime.  Your pursuit of your mission is the only thing that will lead to total and complete fulfillment.  Some of us are down here to do things like experience a pleasure filled life (most of us have a much higher life purpose), raise/teach children, heal others or teach healers.


I have also been DNA Activated through The Mystery School and I have received the Reconnection® at The Healing Light Center.  The Reconnection TM is a process designed to re-connect the acupuncture meridians, which circulate energy throughout the body, back to the axiatonal energy grid which circulates energy throughout the Universe.  That connection in turn, connects me to all types of energies available in the universe that my clients need to heal.


My studies include DNA I-II Vianna Stibal/Orion Healing techniques, Theta Healing and Genetic Replacement, Medical Intuitive Certification and Reiki.  I am an eighth generation Usui Reiki Master.   I currently use crystals in my practice.  I am a Certified Crystology Master via a student of Melody, author of “ Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals”.  This training allows me to utilize crystals even further to amplify my current healing abilities. Also, I have taken classes taught by two ATP students of Doreen Virtue at The Twelfth House to sharpen my ability to call upon the angelic realms for assistance in my energy work. Finally, I have studied astrology at The Twelfth House and Inner Child work at The Mystery School.


At an early age I possessed healing abilities, I frequently had visions and I could see angels.  As a child I was the instrument of healing for several ailments ranging from the common cold, various cancers and lupus.  I also performed communion services for the church during that same time period.  Our church frequently had adult healers visit to give a few services.  These men and women would frequently tell my mother and me that God had great plans for me.  A visiting prophetess (Helen Velonis) had a prophecy for me stating that I would be very wise and theologians from all over the world would come to me seeking answers.


Later on as a teenager, I strayed from the spiritual path.  I let the petty jealousy of others bring me down.  I let others dictate to me what I should do with my life. Consequently, I turned off my abilities and lost my direction in life.   In college I started off as a Premed major.  This was not fast enough for me so I changed my major several times.  I majored in Business, Psychology, Computer Science and Computer Networking.  I have attended Regis University, University of Colorado at Denver and Red Rocks Community College.  I completed over 170 credit hours of studies without completing a degree (120 completed credits is enough for most BA and BS degrees).  During my college years I was following the wrong path.  When certain people follow the wrong path when God does have a much higher purpose, your health can fail.  It did.  My childhood allergies came back with a vengeance and forced me to drop out of college. 


Losing my health was still not enough for me to return to my spiritual path.  Then at 10:13pm on April 14th, 1998 I was critically injured in a car accident.   I had a shattered right femur, bruised spleen, collapsed left lung, broken sternum, dislocated shoulder and three cervical vertebrae with micro fractures.  My chest filled with blood, both pupils went fixed and dilated and I flat lined. I had flat lined for over two hours.  When I came back I do seem to remember some sort of tag on one of my big toes.  My physical recovery was miraculous.  The doctor would come in to my room and tell me things like “If the swelling does not go down in the cervical region, you won’t be able to walk.”  The next day the cervical micro fractures and the swelling were gone.  Next, I was told if my spleen does not get better that they would have to remove it.  The next day it had healed.  During this time I later discovered that the way I had been meditating was actually the theta healing technique.  I fully recovered in 4 months and returned to my physically demanding line of work on the fifth month. 


According to all of the psychics that I work with, the 1998 accident was a wake up call to get my attention to change my path in life. Well, having my body broken up, getting a nasty case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and losing my savings and townhouse wasn’t enough of a message for me.  I returned to my way of life as it was before.  Then in 2000 and 2002 I had more car accidents.  I had also lost the ability to heal rapidly because I  became filled with anger and bitterness from all of the negative things happening in my life.  After the 2002 accident I began to seek spiritual answers to find out why these events were happening and to regain my ability to rapidly heal myself.  I began intuitively accumulating crystals and having energy work done on me at the Twelfth House (a local metaphysical book store that offers psychic services and astrology readings).  Then I was led to The Mystery School where I began my training as a Medical Intuitive, DNA Practitioner and Reiki Master.  It was through this work that I discovered that my core belief system was causing all the problems in my life.  I have changed my life with this work and I can help change yours.

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This energy work represents a form of Spiritual Healing Support in Holistic Health and is not intended as a means of clinical diagnosis and is not intended as a replacement for traditional medical or psychological care.