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Down below are a few testimonials of satisfied clients. I am grateful for their testimonials and I have honored their wishes to post these testimonials on the website.


My back and legs were in excruciating pain until I contacted Cristof.  He performed Reiki on me using the long distant healing technique.  It took only thirty minutes.  He called to tell me when He was going to work on me and called me back when he was finished.  Now I no longer experience pain in my back or legs plus I have slept much better since my session with Cristof. 

Bonita Jefferson - Denver, CO


I had a dangerously low white blood cell count and anemia from chemo therapy.  I had Cristof perform just one Theta healing on me and the next day I had normal white blood cell and red blood cell count.  I continued to have normal healthy blood cell counts after my remaining chemo treatments from that point on.  I am still working with Cristof to help me eliminate the source of my cancer so it never comes back again.

Janice Esterly - Saint Paul, MN


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts that had spread through most of my lymph system.  There were several lumps in each breast.  I called Cristof and he worked with me for a couple of sessions of theta healing, belief repatterning and gene replacement.  When it was time for my surgery, my doctor only found one lump in one breast and no cancer in my lymph system.

Susan Sich - Ocala, FL


I was DNA activated  a few months ago by Cristof.  He also performed several sessions of core belief repatterning to remove blocks to my abundance and divine life purpose and other areas of my life.  My healing practice has gone through the roof since my blocks to abundance were removed.  My life has truly changed for the better from Cristof's work.  I am energetic, happy and I am in a constant state of well being.

Cathy Simpson - Seattle, WA


My lupus was totally cured after a Reiki session with Cristof.  He said that combined the Reiki with theta healing and medical intuition.  All I know is that my entire body flushed, I felt warm all over and I was pain free.  When I left the table my butterfly mask of lupus was gone.  Later upon examination of my doctor, I was diagnosed lupus-free.

Cori Lee - Minneapolis, MN


I am a salesman.  A few years ago, I let a coworker's wife do energy work on me.  From that point on, her husband excelled in his sales where mine became non existent.  I ended up losing my job.  In my opinion, she had stolen my power and channeled my abilities to her husband.  Then I had Cristof work on me.  He pulled the cords that the woman attached to me and helped me to regain my power.  I am in sales once again and living life more abundantly.

James Martin - Aurora, CO


When I saw Cristof I was having a miserable time attending a convention. I was suffering form altitude sickness and my allergies were flaring up.  I looked like death warmed over.  My eyes were very puffy with dark circles and I was white as a sheet.  Cristof did some medical intuitive stuff, gene replacement and repatterning.  During our session I felt totally relaxed and warm and fuzzy all over.  When I looked at my self in the mirror after the session, my eyes were no longer dark and puffy and my skin was pink and glowing with health.  To this day I still don't have any problems with allergies.

Caroline Baxter - Phoenix, AZ


I was a timid and shy person.  I was terrified of men.  I have worked with Cristof for several months to help me be less fearful.  We also worked on my blocks to my life purpose, relationships and abundance.  After completing my work with Cristof, I have successful healing practice, I feel safe and empowered at all times and I have met and married my soul mate.

Jill Dauber - Detroit, MI


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This energy work represents a form of Spiritual Healing Support in Holistic Health and is not intended as a means of clinical diagnosis and is not intended as a replacement for traditional medical or psychological care.